Group Exhibition: Punu-nguru (from the trees) group show by Tjala Arts - Art Collector

Hector Tjupuru Burton and Barney Wangin, Untitled 2011. Acrylic on linen, 197 x 198cm

A Hector Tjupuru Burton initiative – Hector has fired up the artists of Tjala Arts, Amata, to produce yet another strong body of work – the paintings in the show have a joyous overtone with a confidence in colour and marks but there is power in this work. “The tress are different for Anangu. They are the ancestors, they are our family. They are our history and our future’ Hector Tjupuru Burton. ‘Punu–nguru’ is a strong statement about knowledge and law.

Opening drinks: 6pm Friday 9 March
Exhibition closes: 24 March 2012
Location: RAFT artspace, 8 Hele Cres, Alice Springs 0870
Contact: 08 8953 3236

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