Group exhibition: Sweet Liaisons - Art Collector

  Courtesy: the artist and The Art Vault, Mildura

Anjelie and Vonne Beyer have been showing their art together since early Koorlong Craft days. Vonne was just out of College and Anjelie was 20 years into the arty-crafty days of late eighties Mildura. With Brian Alexander they showed The Spirit and The Land, 1987. Mildura people still have Vonne’s frogs and Anjelie’s watercolours on their walls from that extravagant time.

And the alliance continued. Vonne and Anjelie networked with other artists in the Maribyrnong Flirty Skirty series, and in Mildura at the Arts Centre with The Willow Pattern Story, and On Our Ground, as well as in two Palimpsests. And now they are here again, at the Art Vault with Sweet Liaisons.

Their collaboration has also involved Melbourne artists, Kathy Muhling and Karenne Anne, who are now coming to exhibit for the first time at The Art Vault. A new artist to join is Victoria Howlett, who had met Anjelie in two Artback Outback Adventures and Vonne at Williamstown events.

These Sweet artists are not telling a story. Their works are mysterious, evoking moods with the force of colour. And while really varied, they do all have the starting point of fascination with the world around them. Spirit and Land remain the point.

The Art Vault will open Sweet Liaisons on Wednesday June 24, 6pm

Exhibition opens: 6pm Wednesday 24 June 2015
Exhibition closes: 13 July 2015
Location: The Art Vault, 43 Deakin Avenue, Mildura 3502

Contact: 03 5022 0013

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