Group Exhibition: The Power of Gold - Art Collector

Danish Quapoor and Joeli Kabu, 'Akuma Deux Papa' 2017, pen and pencil on paper, 20 x 25cm. Courtesy of the artists and Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.
collaberration combines the diverse creative approaches of multiple artists through a series of experimental illustrative works. These works are unified by the curation and artistic presence of the primary collaborator, Danish Quapoor. Quapoor’s arts practice is comprised of stylised fine-lined-illustrations, and is informed by pop culture, eavesdropping, personal experiences and collaborations with others.

The seventeen invited local, Australian and international artists create illustrations and mixed media works which complement and contrast Quapoor’s approach in varying degrees. The exhibition emphasises that collaborative artworks are more than the sum of their parts. Mostly though, collaberration aims to be visually engaging and fun.

Exhibition opens:
17 March 2018
Exhibition closes:
15 April 2018
Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, 531 Ruthven Street Toowoomba
(07) 4688 6652
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