Group Exhibition: reminiSCENT - Art Collector

Claire Anna Watson, ‘Sous Bois Generator’, 2018. Fiddle-leaf Fig, noodles, limited edition scent designed in collaboration with Fleurage, retort stand, science flasks, various found objects, dimensions variable. Courtesy: the artist and Mayspace, Sydney.

Curated by Megan Fizell, ‘reminiSCENT’ surveys contemporary artists initiating multisensory experiences through olfactory encounters. Smelling is classified as a “bodily sense” in that along with touch and taste, in order to be ‘known’ or perceived, they need to be experienced with the body.

Scent receptors are located in the olfactory cortex, a zone of the brain that overlaps with the limbic system, the area responsible for some memories and emotion. As a result, scents are often linked to memories and form associations that are highly individualised and subjective.

In contrast to our increasingly digitised, screen-based world where the emphasis is on visual communication, this exhibition demands the presence of the viewer as an active participant. The artworks in this exhibition privilege the sense of smell over that of vision and emphasise memory as understood through bodily engagement.

Featuring work by Jo Burzynska, David Capra, Todd Fuller, Liz Henderson, Melinda Le Guay, Jayne McSwiney, Archie Moore, Mylyn Nguyen, Bill Noonan, Susanna Strati, Janet Tavener, Claire Anna Watson, Martynka Wawrzyniak, Melinda Young.

Exhibition opens: 3–5pm Saturday 28 July 2018
Exhibition closes: 11 August 2018
Location: MAY SPACE, 409b George St, Waterloo NSW
Phone: + 61 2 9318 1122


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