Group Show: [195] – Affordable Art for the People - Art Collector

  Courtesy: the artist and Sanderson Contemporary Art.

[195] is an exhibition that embraces the concept of small works for an affordable price. Unlike other exhibitions of this type, Sanderson have decided to free things up a bit with the format: rather than defining an exact size/shape, artists have been invited to make works in any format – round, rectangular, sculptural, or square – to suit their practice.

The only specifications are that each work will be 195mm on at least one dimension, and will be priced at $195. Doors open 5.30pm on Tuesday 23 June - no previews, presales or holds.

Exhibition opens: 5.30pm Tuesday 23 June 2015
Exhibition closes: 28 June 2015
Location: Sanderson Contemporary Art, 2-4 Kent Street Auckland New Zealand 1023

Contact: +62 9520 0501

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