Group Show: The Blue Hour - Art Collector

Courtesy: Kalland MacLeon and Tim Melville Gallery

There is an ambiguity about the shimmering twilight in the hour just before the sun rises and just after it sets. This short period, while the sun is just below the horizon, is known in French as l’heure bleue and in English as the blue hour, or the magic hour.

It is a tranquil time treasured by artists for its stillness and for the quality of the light, and is romantically characterised as a time of confusion and mystery since it is impossible to determine whether it is night or day.

The final exhibition at Tim Melville for 2016 is a group exhibition by gallery artists.

Exhibition opens:
6pm Tuesday 22 November 2016
Exhibition closes: 23 December 2016
Location: Tim Melville Gallery, 4 Winchester St, Newton, Auckland NZ
Contact: +64 21 300 893
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