Group exhibition: An exposé on the digital revolution - Art Collector

Laurie Miller, USB, jade and 9 carat gold, 24cm height. Courtesy: the artist

This exhibition looks at the high speed evolution of interpersonal communication and the vocabulary emerging as a result of the digital revolution. Words such as blog, Facebook, iCloud, texting and tweet all refer to the soundless communication that we, by linguistic coincidence, facilitate with our own digits, bringing a double ended meaning to the digital revolution.

Sculptor Laurie Miller has brought these technology inspired references into three dimensions using materials that reflect the seemingly infinite power of this revolution: jade, the toughest material found in the world; titanium, the toughest metal made by man; and gold, the richest metal on earth. These two metals have been used sparingly and delicately to add strength and bring emotion and humility to the pieces. The exhibition will also showcase the works of two of Miller's students, Jenny Sparks and Tanya Morey.

Opening: 2pm Sunday 17 March 2013
Exhibition closes: 14 April 2013
Location: Jade Studio, 460 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick VIC 3185
Contact: 03 9078 3079

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