Group exhibition: Artists who use CHARCOAL - Art Collector

Robyn Kinsela, Jack Hammers and Church Bells. Charcoal on paper, 56 x 76cm. Courtesy: the artist

Four artists; each using charcoal in a unique way to achieve a specific effect. 2011 Dobell Drawing Prize winner, Anne Judell, pushes, rubs and erases before reapplying more charcoal - achieving a textured, evocative and sensual surface that looks as if it will consume you if you get too close. Phil Alldis applies charcoal to stretched canvases, sealing them with beeswax to create a patina that is reminiscent of well worn and much loved surfaces. Robyn Kinsela energetically applies, rubs and scrapes layers of charcoal, while Eliza Overduin carefully and thoughtfully draws stylistic, clean forms taken from nature.

Opening: 5pm Tuesday 9 October
Exhibition closes: 30 October 2012
Location: Artroomers, Unit 6, 227 Old Hume Highway, Mittagong NSW 2575
Contact: 02 4871 3565

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