Group exhibition: Beth Hulme Gallery & Studio showcase - Art Collector

Top left: Pete Martin, The Bridge. Top right: Keith Morant, Actium. Bottom left: Beth Hulme, Fly by night. Bottom right: Carol Rowling, Broken colour. Courtesy: the artists and Beth Hulme Gallery & Studio, Melbourne

This exhibition brings together four painters from different parts of Australia and New Zealand, reuniting them for the first time since they met while exhibiting in Europe. Among the distinctly different styles is a common reverence for colour, light and texture.

Keith Morant offers works pulsing with energy, born from the spontaneity of his brushstrokes and the vibrancy of his colours. Pete Martin provides a birds eye view of the Australian landscape filled with light and depth. Carol Rowling creates a layered coloured canvas and image, then uses an angle grinder to reveal underlying textures. Beth Hulme contributes new figurative work inspired by a simple moth, exploring movement and stillness.

Opening: 3pm Saturday 23 March 2013
Exhibition closes: 21 April 2013
Location: Beth Hulme Gallery & Studio, 646A Nicholson Street, Fitzroy North VIC 3068
Contact: 0409 218 164

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