Group exhibition: Celebrating a Collection Half Finished - Art Collector

Abdul Abdullah, Ambassador Nathan, 2011. Oil on canvas with fibreglass, 88 x 116cm. Courtesy: the artist and Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne

In 2008 a group of friends and acquaintances banded together to develop a collection of contemporary Australian art. Known as The Local Collection, the group elects members to select works, all make a set contribution to cover costs and each artwork rotates between members homes every six months. This novel group approach is becoming increasingly popular as it offers an accessible and collaborative way to kickstart an art collection.

Celebrating a Collection Half Finished showcases the stunning breadth of art acquired by the collective so far and stands as a prime example of what a collector group can accomplish. A public forum will be held to accompany the exhibition on Sunday 21 July from 3pm at Fehily Contemporary. Heide Museum of Modern Art director Jason Smith, artist Tai Snaith, art collectors Charles Justin and Judith Lord and a member of The Local Collection will discuss how to set up a collector group, why collecting is important and what goes into the selection of an artwork.

Opening: 6pm Wednesday 17 July 2013
Exhibition closes: 21 July 2013
Location: Fehily Contemporary, 3A Glasshouse Road, Collingwood VIC 3066
Contact: 03 9017 0860

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