Group exhibition: Doing Impressions - Art Collector

Justin Brown Durand, Kiki Smith and ranunculus, 2013, mixed media on paper. Courtesy: the artist and Conduit Arts Initiative, Melbourne

Provoked by a news article titled Is Damien Hirst a serial plagiarist?, Melbourne based artist Kasia Lynch decided to launch her debut curatorial project by bringing together an international group of artists to consider the nature of originality in art. Doing Impressions explores notions of original creative thought and artistic appropriation through to reproduction and mimicry in an exhibition of new sculpture, drawing, collage and video works. The exhibition showcases new project responsive works by Holly-Anne Buck and Marcus Keating from the United Kingdom, Justin Brown Durand (United States), Louise Boye Andersen (Denmark) and Kasia Lynch and Rosa Tato from Australia.

Opening: 6pm Thursday 20 June 2013
Exhibition closes: 30 June 2013
Location: Conduit Arts Initiative, 83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Contact: 0403 668 237

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