Group exhibition: Heysen Sculpture Biennial - Art Collector

Margaret Worth, Comings and Goings: sanctuary. PVC, polyethylene, ant hill and rotting wood, 230 X 300cm. Photo: Danny Cazzolato.

Margaret Worth and Pamela Kouwenhoven will exhibit in the 2012 Heysen Sculpture Biennial.

‘Comings and Goings: two sanctuaries’ by Margaret Worth is a reflection on life, art and reputations. The artworks respond to the sites and the context of Heysen’s home and studio. An anthill and a pile of wood chips are given sanctuary temporarily.

‘Burnt Offering’ by Pamela Kouwwenhoven. The work employs discarded metal exhaust pipes on a bed of charcoal; spent fossil fuel with its allusions to global warming.

‘Collaborating with country and sculpting our future: site-specific artworks as creative policy’ is the title of a presentation to be given for the exhibition by Dr. Tamsin Kerr Director Cooroora Institute, Sunshine Coast Queensland.

Opening drinks: 6.30pm-8.30pm Sunday 26 February
Exhibition closes: 29 April 2012
Location: 'The Cedars', Heysen Road, Hahndorf SA
Contact: 08 828 7412

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