Group exhibition: Shadows of a Nation - Art Collector

Daniel Arsham, Pixel Cloud, 2011. High density polyethylene balls, steel, 116 x 142 x 91cm, unique piece. Courtesy: the artist and Mclemoi Gallery, Sydney

Shadows of a Nation is a curated group show with both Australian and international, top and emerging artists. Each artist exemplifies a perspective from the nation in which they come from and/or live in; through this a cast shadow is placed which is eminent in their work. The shadows are transparent to see and feel ethereal. A piece by Brett Whiteley presents the iconic Australian nation and the depths that are reached through dominant symbols. Artists such as Daniel Arsham include the contemporary American viewpoint of crossing over fine arts into performative works and objects of art, both functional and sculptures. The exhibition also features work by Sidney Nolan, Diego Singh, Charles Blackman, Rhonda Dee, Alexandra Standen and Guy Martin.

Opening: 6pm Thursday 1 November 2012
Exhibition closes: 29 December 2012
Location: Mclemoi Gallery, 45 Chippen Street, Chippendale NSW 2008
Contact: 02 9698 8177

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