Group exhibition: Uncharted Territory - 2013 Bachelor of Visual Art graduate exhibition - Art Collector

Jess Nolan, Memory Place 2, 2013. Type C photograph and foamcore, 27 x 42 x 11.5cm. Courtesy: the artist, James Field and Adelaide Central School of Art, Adelaide

Uncharted Territory is the 2013 graduate exhibition by the Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours) and Bachelor of Visual Art students from Adelaide Central School of Art. With 22 students’ work displayed, Uncharted Territory will be the school’s largest graduate exhibition yet.

The BVA Honours graduates exhibiting will be Lily Ahlefeldt, Caroline Georgiou, Irene Kontakos, Roger Myles, Lisa Nguyen, Jess Nolan, Courtney Rodgers and Jess Taylor.

The BVA graduates exhibiting will be Cassie Broad, Nicholas Hanisch, Dominque Keeley, Bonnie Lawson, Monika Morgenstern, Maggie Moy, Cheryl Nolan, Paul Perry, Carol Robinson, Caroline Taylor, Robyn Tonkin, Ash Tower, Rosemary White and Ruth Wilson.

Exhibition opens: 4pm Saturday 14 December 2013
Exhibition closes: 10 January 2014
Location: Adelaide Central School of Art, 7 Mulberry Road, Glenside SA 5065
Contact: 08 8299 7300

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