Group exhibition: Yinjaa-Barni Artists - Art Collector

Clifton Mack, Colours of the Rocks. Courtesy: the artist and Yinjaa-Barni Art, Western Australia

The great Creation stories of the Marrga provide artists from the Yinjaa–Barni Art centre with images of Country and of the natural world regenerating and transforming. These artists are the traditional owners of the Fortescue River region and their paintings tell of the remarkable country of the Pilbara in the north-west of Western Australia. The contrasts of the harsh environment, eroded rock surfaces, hidden water gorges, delicate seeds and flowers after rain are captured in these colour-rich paintings.

Opening: 6.30pm Friday 19 July 2013
Exhibition closes: 21 August 2013
Location: Japingka Gallery, 47 High Street, Fremantle WA 6160
Contact: 08 9335 8265

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