Guan Wei: FROM STARS TO SOUL - Art Collector

Guan Wei, Extension 10, 2014. Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 162cm. Courtesy: the artist and Martin Browne Contemporary, Paddington

Martin Bowne Contemporary is delighted to present From Stars To Soul, an exhibition of new works by Guan Wei. The exhibition is comprised of paintings, mixed media works, two series of ceramics and three bronze sculptures.

In From Stars in Soul, Guan Wei has used black and white as the dominant tones symbolizing void and plentitude, darkness and light, reality and illusion as and life and death. The unbroken black lines evoke Chinese calligraphy and the cultural images and symbols Guan Wei uses of fish, birds, lotuses, boats and numbers are transformed in this exhibition into his new artistic language.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Thursday 5 March 2015
Exhibition closes: 29 March 2015
Location: Martin Browne Contemporary, 15 Hampden Street, Paddington NSW 2021
Contact: 02 9331 7997

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