Harris Hobbs Collection - Art Collector

Issue 86, July–September 2018

The home of Karina Harris and Neil Hobbs begs only one question: What is NOT art? See full captions for their collection below. Photography by Sean Davey.

Karina Harris and Neil Hobbs with their dog Blossom and a work by Bonita Bubb.

Left wall, clockwise from top: Matlock Griffiths, Tara Shield, Matthew Allen, Fiona McDonald, Johnny Niesche, Derek O’Connor, Marie Hagerty, Ros Lemoh (sculptures on the sill), Ros Lemoh (sculpture on the sill), Margaret Morgan.

Wall clockwise from left: Peter Burgess, Richard Tipping, Max Lieberman, Mark Hislop.

Detail Coffee Table: Marc Etherington Winfield Greens + Lighter, Glen Hayward stack wooden cigarettes, Simon Scheurle bronze cigarette butts Theodora Hobbs ashtray.

Left wall clockwise from left: Peter Liversidge, xx Trevor Vickers, Franck Gohier, Frank Gohier. Right wall clockwise from left: Sarah Contos ‘Lemon Squeeze’ light sculpture, Ronnie Tjampatjimpa, Emma Beer, Margaret Huddlestone, Daniel Noonan, Michael Taylor, Kate Stevens on floor, Ros Lemoh on floor.

Wall clockwise from left: Frank Gohier, Homi Vesal Fiona MacDonald.

Left wall from top left: Grant Dale, Mostyn Bramley Moore, Lionel Bawden, Tony Albert.
Middle wall from left: Michael Taylor, Colin Thoms, Stephen Harvey, Ruth Waller, Ian Marr, Neil Roberts, Narelle Jubelin ‘Por Timor’, Patrick Lamour, Mark Hetherington, Simon Blau, Richard Tipping, Ex de Medici, Marie Hagerty.
Right wall: Archie Moore ‘I must learn to be good’, Archie Moore ‘Aboriginal Spade’. Along the sofa: Sanne Koelmij Stephan Paton, Katrina Dobbs, Celia Gullet.
On the table: Lionel Bawden ‘The Kandinsky has two sides’, Glen Barkley ceramic plate.

Ceiling: Trevelyan Clay.
Left wall, clockwise from left: Helen Shelley, Alex Lawler, Jemima Wyman, Esther Stewart, Julian Hooper, Peggy Napangardi Jones, Liam Power, Ruth Waller, Wilma Tabacco, Paul Yore.
Right wall, clockwise from left: Cinnamon Lee (hanging light), Andrew Townsend, Danie Mellor, Jelle Vandenberg, Peter Maloney (through hole in wall), Kate Shaw, Sambo Barra Barra, Susie Pascoe, Robert Foster standard light.
Coffee table: Irfan Hendrian, Alex Seton, Julia Davies, Marc Etherington, Glen Hayward.

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