Harry Nankin: Syzygy - Art Collector

Harry Nankin, Telescope #2, 2011. Courtesy: the artist and Stills Gallery, Sydney

A syzygy is a conjunction or coming together of things. It can refer astronomically to when the sun, moon and earth align during an eclipse but also has the broader connotation of a pairing or union. It is an apt title for Harry Nankin’s artwork, where through a coming together of remarkable glass–mounted photographs of scrambling insects and twinkling galaxies he reflects upon time, space and our increasingly troubled relationship with the non-human world.

Opening: 3pm Saturday 13 October 2012
Exhibition closes: 10 November 2012
Location: Stills Gallery, 36 Gosbell Street, Paddington NSW 2012
Contact: 02 9331 7775
Email: info@stillsgallery.com.au

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