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28 September 2010 | The next Inner Dialogues event in Sydney will ask the question: Has art lost its value? Taking place on 6 October 2010, it will be the third Inner Dialogues event organised by Sydney gallerist Conny Dietzschold and Florian Schaeffer.

Three speakers have been invited to join Dietzschold on the topic, including Maura Reilly, director of education at the Museum of Contemporary Art; Deborah Turnbull, director at New Media Creation; and artist Clare Milledge.

Each will speak for 5 minutes before engaging in a panel discussion with each other and closing with a conversation with the audience.

The Inner Dialogues conversation series were established by Dietzschold to address the role of art, its place in our lives and its relevance and value.

“It seems to be that art events are motivated by mass popular appeal and cultural institutions are compromised by their need to present numbers rather than setting minds to work,” she comments. “Are we educating about art or are we providing commodities, reducing art to sheer market value rather than a cultural, spiritual value and experience. Is art still the material to be the silicon of societies and nations, providing enrichment of cultural assets and being the conscience of society and thus inspiring the individual to expand our inner world?”

Dietzschold says the event will be informal and friendly, and will include time for quiet reflection and meditation.

When: 6pm (for a 6.30pm start) – 8pm, 6 October 2010
Where: 99 Crown Street, East Sydney @ Meditation Space (between Stanley & William Streets)

Jane O'Sullivan

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