Heidi Yardley: The Sinking Belle - Art Collector

Heidi Yardley, The sinking belle, 2017, oil on linen, 102 x 71cm.

Heidi Yardley’s new collection excavates the socio-historical edifice of female experience. Voyeuristic vistas of erotically-posed female figures in private interior spaces recall the photographs of 1970s men’s magazines, and yet their surface sexuality slowly gives way to darker truths. For the artist, ‘these women are private warriors, survivors of an interior jungle’. Fleshy, often-faceless femmes patterned with ritualistic body paint tap into that transgressive realm of lust and carnality that is so conspicuously sublimated in ‘civilised’ society. By colonising the historically male tradition of figuration, these works offer a feminist perspective that is both complicit in and critical of sexualised femininity.

Opening drinks time and date: 17 August, 6-8pm
Exhibition closes: 2 September
Location: Arthouse Gallery, 66 McLachlan Ave, Rushcutters Bay
Website: http://www.arthousegallery.com.au/
Phone: 93321019
Email: contact@arthousegallery.com.au
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