Helen Aitken-Kuhnen and Mio Kuhnen: Transfer - Art Collector

Mio Kuhnen (left), The Amazon River series. 2018. Brooch, champlevé enamel, 925 silver. 42 x 3mm. Helen Aitken (right), Flight. 2018. Brooch, champlevé enamel, cloisonné, 925 silver. 42 x 40 x 3mm. Courtesy: the artists and Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney.

  Both Aitken-Kuhnen and Kuhnen, look to the natural world around them for inspiration, interestingly Aitken-Kuhnen from the ground looking up and out, and Kuhnen from the skies down and across time. This shared appreciation but viewed from different perspectives is what allows for interesting intersections and conversations between the works and the artists.

“...the essence of the pieces lies in their intimate scale. But the compositions themselves are inspired by the vastness of ground and sky, foreground and horizon. It’s an expansive vision compressed into miniature….the works plays with both time and space, looking backwards to ancient history, and hoping to influence our current perspectives.” Nola Anderson

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Thursday 7 March 2019
Exhibition closes: 16 March 2019
Location: Stanley Street Gallery, 1/52-54 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst
Website: stanleystreetgallery.com.au
Phone: +61 2 9368 1142
Email: mail@stanleystreetgallery.com.au


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