Helen Pynor: The Life Raft - Art Collector

Helen Pynor, The Life Raft 18, 2012. Gelatin silver print on archival fibre-based paper, toned and hand coloured, 59 x 36cm, edition of 5. Courtesy: the artist and Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney

The Life Raft continues London-based Australian artist Helen Pynor’s meditation on the bodies of humans and animals, and the accidents of fate that determine their futures in life and in death. In Pynor's latest photographic series an historic collection of insects and crustaceans collapse slowly into the paper on which they are mounted; in the process we bear witness to the dissolution of both collector and the creatures collected. The artist has employed the traditional photographic techniques of toning and hand colouring of fibre-based gelatin silver prints, creating atmospheric images that embody the rich tones and intricacy of the collection itself.

Opening: 3pm Saturday 27 October 2012
Exhibition closes: 28 November 2012
Location: Dominik Mersch Gallery, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo NSW 2017
Contact: 02 9698 4499
Email: info@dominikmerschgallery.com

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