HopeVale Arts and Cultural Centre - Art Collector

Wanda Gibson, Black Cockatoo, 2013. Courtesy: the artist and Hopevale Arts and Crafts, Queensland.

The HopeVale Arts and Cultural Centre is located in the community of Hopevale, Cape York in far north Queensland. It was established in 2009 as an extension of the community’s longstanding interest in practicing visual arts.

The visual practice of the Guugu Yimmithirr artists is characterised by bold, bright, organic contemporary paintings and prints, as well as traditional fibre baskets; used as forms of story telling and cultural communication.

The arts organisation supports intergenerational cultural sharing and maintenance for the whole community, providing professional artistic support for 15 artists. Governed by an Indigenous board of directors, this Indigenous-managed cultural centre is made up of 80 members.

HopeVale Arts and Cultural Centre provides regular artists residencies and professional development opportunities for all artists in their chosen field. The centre operates as a cultural hub, coordinating a range of activities for members of the community.

Current artists

  • Dora Deemal
  • Grace Rosendale
  • Harold Bowen
  • Madge Bowen
  • Roy McIvor
  • Shane Gibson
  • Wanda Gibson

Access information

The centre is open Monday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm and on Fridays between 9am to 2pm. Weekend visits are by appointment only.

Hopevale Arts and Cultural Centre
1 Flierl Street
Hopevale QLD 4895

07 4060 9111
07 4060 9221