Hu Qinwu: Meditations II - Art Collector

Hu Qinwu, ‘Untitled No.6’, 2017. Acrylic and pigment on handmade paper, 109 x 78.5cm. Courtesy: the artist and Niagara Galleries, Richmond.

  Niagara Galleries presents ‘Meditations II’, an exhibition of new works by Hu Qinwu.

Trained in oil painting in his native Shandong Province, Hu Qinwu came to Beijing to pursue a Masters Degree at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 2008. Today, he lives and works in the capital, in a peaceful studio far from the city centre.

Hu Qinwu has been profoundly affected by the transformation of his society in the last twenty years, and the dramatic changes in China’s economic, cultural and political landscape. He turns inwards, he says, to find ‘a quiet, calm place’ in which he can reflect on enduring values amidst the turbulence of rapid social change…

His practice presents us with a paradox. Dropping water onto his canvases from above, he opens himself to the vagaries of chance. At the same time, he controls the process as much as any painter of the literati creating fluid calligraphy with ink and brush. Mass and void, control and release, simplicity and complexity, light and dark, order and chaos – Hu Qinwu’s practice deals with apparent contradictions. Relying on the repetition of forms to create rhythmic harmonies, he creates works of great complexity with simple means. Yin and yang: the heavens above and the earth below.

Exhibition Opens: 5–7pm Tuesday 23 October 2018 
Exhibition Closes: 17 November 2018
Location: Niagara Galleries, 245 Punt Rd Richmond, VIC
Phone: +61 3 9429 3666


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