Ildiko Kovacs: Both Ways - Art Collector

Ildiko Kovacs, Mantids, 2019, oil, graphite and wax pencil on card mounted on ply, 122 x 84cm. Courtesy: the artist and Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide.

  Kovacs' early career 'void' paintings were succeeded by her experimentations with reintroducing forms to the pictorial space. These abstracted forms coalesced into lines, structured and fluid. In recent years, Kovacs has worked with wide, rolling lines that twist, turn, curve, and loop over themselves.

In 'Both Ways', Kovacs presents four such works. In contrast, Kovacs also presents ply-mounted works on card in which her gestural line narrows, sharpens, and becomes almost sculptural, carving through the two-dimensional space. In both styles, Kovacs draws on abstract expressionism's focus on process and gesture in mark-making, as she builds up, excavates, and builds again thick layers of lines and shapes which follow the movements of her body as she works. From the process-based similarities and the drastically different styles of the works in 'Both Ways' emerges a dialogue about line and gesture, colour and movement, and internal and external landscapes.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Thursday 21 March 2019
Exhibition closes: 11 May 2019
Location: 260 Portrush Road, Beulah Park, SA
Phone: +61 8 8331 8000


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