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Hand screen-printed fabrics, designs by Lawrence Nganjmirra, Don Namundja, Ezariah Kelly and Gershom Garlngarr. Courtesy: the artists and Injalak Arts and Crafts, Northern Territory

Injalak Arts and Crafts was initially established as a screen-printing workshop in 1989, and quickly became a focal point for the painters and weavers of Western Arnhem Land. Most of the centre’s 300 artists are Kunwinjku speakers from the community of Gunbalanya and from outstations to the east and north-east.

Injalak is a thriving art centre with a superb selection of artworks executed in ochres and acrylics on bark and Arches 640gsm hand-made paper, sculptures, plus a range of natural fibre products. The centre also has exquisite etchings produced over the last decade in collaboration with master printmakers. The screen-print workshop produces stunning designs on silk, linen and cotton.

Bark paintings have been collected from the region for more than a century and are found in public and private collections worldwide. The distinctive representational images of mimih figures, creation spirits and x-ray animals are widely renowned. Women work with natural fibres and use a rich palette of dyes derived from local plants. The weavings, baskets, mats and sculptural objects are made with great skill and are the subject of a recent monograph
Twined Together.

Injalak is an energetic, locally owned organisation. On any day artists and craftspeople are on site working, talking and creating. The centre engages in many community projects including public art, Indigenous heritage. It also hosts visitors from around the world. Nearby Injalak Hill is a world renowned rock art site and the centre facilitates daily tours during the dry season. Collectors are encouraged to visit the centre directly. Permits and access can easily be arranged through the Northern Land Council.

Current artists

• Allan Nadjamerrek
• Anne Gumurdul
• Christina Djorlom
• Connie Nayinggul
• Don Namundja
• Doreen Djorlom
• Eva Nganjmirra
• Ezariah Kelly
• Freddie Nadjamerrek
• Gabriel Maralngurra
• Graham Badari
• Hannah Nawirridj
• Isaiah Nagurrgurrba
• Joey Nganjmirra
• Lawrence Nganjmirra
• Margaret Djogiba
• Melody Wood
• Nabardayal Nadjamerrek AO (dec)
• Patsy Kelly
• Reuben Manakgu
• Roland Burranali
• Samson Namundja
• Selina Nadjowh
• Solomon Nangamu
• Tony Nagalaburnburn

Access information

Injalak Arts can be visited during the dry season (April to December) by road. The drive from Jabiru (approximately 55 kilometres) is one of the most spectacular in Australia. Visitors need to organise a permit through the Northern Land Council.

Online shop

Artworks can be viewed and purchased on the website.

Injalak Arts
PMB 131
Gunbalanya NT 0822

Phone: 08 8979 0190
Fax: 08 8979 0119