Irene Briant: Sum of its Parts - Art Collector

  Courtesy: the artist and Bett Gallery.

There’s a rightness that occurs when things that are otherwise mundane are juxtaposed. Irene Briant explores serendipity and happenstance in this work – searching for the unexpected rightness that eventuates from the marriage of items that are often overlooked.

Up, down, off at a tangent, dead end, turn the corner, slow down, start afresh, proceed in a straight line, change direction. Sounds like life. My life. Anyone’s life. The stuff of life, an accumulation of stuff – hoarded, used, discarded, broken, out of fashion, loved and unloved. Collected, selected, laid out here. Things and fragments of things. It’s the form that interest me, and the colour. I don’t see broken as bad. It’s more often intriguing, more indicative of another life having been lived.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Friday 3 July 2015
Exhibition closes: 24 July 2015
Location: Bett Gallery, 369 Elizabeth Street North Hobart TAS 7000
Contact: 03 6231 6511
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