Issue 13 - Art Collector

July-September 2000


Michael Nelson Tjakamarra
Sally Butler reports on the story so far of one of our most internationally recognised Indigenous artists.

Dossier: Albert Namatjira
Judith White writes on the life and times of our best known Indigenous artist.

News & Features


Papunya Tula: Genesis & Genius
Curators Hettie Perkins and Ken Watson preview this landmark exhibition.

Full Circle
Terry Ingram charts the rise in market demand for Aboriginal art.

Art in Action
The Sea of Hands is Australia’s largest public participatory artwork.

Galleries: Ten of the Best
Susan McCulloch lists ten must visit galleries specialising in Indigenous art.

Collector: Shaun Dennison
Bridget Crone profiles a young Melbourne collector of Indigenous art.

Start Now!
Sally Butler provides a market guide for new collectors of Indigenous art and a region by region overview.

Lines: Leading Out of Sight?
Critic Rex Butler asks: is Aboriginal art losing its ‘aura’?

Reconciling Accounts
Curator Christine Nicholls charts the shift from ‘collecting’ to ‘investment’ in the Aboriginal art market.

The Iconoclasts
Bruce James sets a critical stage for the Art Gallery of New South Wales’s headline show for the Sydney Olympics.