Issue 17 - Art Collector

July-September 2001
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Matthys Gerber
Andrew Frost zooms in on a most collectable artist.

Collector’s Dossier: Joy Hester
Janine Burke charts the life and art of this important Australian modernist.

Bruce James uncovers the work of Greg Leong.

News & Features

Collector: Duncan Kerr
Carrie Lumby on a Labour MP’s liberal collection.

Gallerist: Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi
Michael Hutak profiles one of Australia’s leading dealers of Indigenous art.

Pretty as a dusted picture
Elizabeth Sarks gives advice on looking after your paintings.

Angels of Art
Dr Joanne Mendelssohn accounts for millions of dollars in our story on Australian art patrons.

The United States of Australian art
Terry Ingram writes on how Australian art dealers are taking on the US market.

A case of Reputation
Ilana Bock gives the low down on moral rights, and tells collectors what to be aware of.