Issue 22 - Art Collector

October-December 2002
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Artist: Elisabeth Cummings
The invisible woman of Australian art John McDonald profiles a quiet achiever with unwavering ambition for her art.

Collector’s dossier: Roger Kemp - Universal cycles
Andrew Frost chronicles the art and spiritual life of one of Australia’s foremost abstract painters.

Smart Art
Our annual feature on great art buys for under $2000 suggested by critics and writers from around the country:
Jenny Bell, Merrick Belyea, Pat Brassington, Eugene Carchesio, Nadine Christensen, Aleks Danko, Michael Doherty, Stuart Elliott, Emily Floyd, Michael Harrison, Annie Hogan, Michael Kutschbach, Jan Learmonth, Ruark Lewis, Norma Macdonald, Archie Moore, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa, Caitlin Reid, Arlene Textaqueen.

News & Analysis

Susan McCulloch-Uehlin introduces the bush melon stories of Minnie Pwerle.

Susan McCulloch-Uehlin honours two great Indigenous Australian painters, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri and Ginger Riley Munduwalawala

Primavera 2002: Art for a post-critical era
Michael Hutak speaks to the curator of 2002 Primavera, David Broker.

The artist, the dealer, the collector and the preview
Jenna Price offers valuable tips on buying the work of in-demand artists.

The 2002 Melbourne Art Fair: A biennial art blast
Stephen Naylor comments on the significance of what has become an important event on the nation’s arts agenda.

Curating by intuition
Curator of the University of Sydney Union collection, Nick Vickers, has a good eye when it comes to buying art writes Terry Ingram.

The Myer Report: What collectors need to know
Michael Hutak comments on how the highly anticipated recommendations of the Contemporary Visual Arts and Craft Inquiry will affect collectors.


Collector: James Erskine - The serious business of collecting art
Carrie Lumby meets a Sydney businessman with a very personal approach to collecting.

Dealer: Charles Nodrum - Countercyclical Charles
Fashion has never influenced this Melbourne collector and dealer writes Ashley Crawford.