Issue 24 - Art Collector

April-June 2003
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Artist: A.D.S. Donaldson - History never repeats
Our cover artist A.D.S. Donaldson talks to Michael Hutak about being a Sydney abstractionist engaged in a busy international career.

Undiscovered artists
For the fifth consecutive year, Australian Art Collector samples the brightest emerging talent in the country:
Catherine Martin, Fiona Sivyer, Grant Dale, Mike O'Meally, Warren Vance, Megan Keating, Concetta Petrillo, Tony Stewart.

Collector’s dossier: Margo Lewers
Joan Kerr on the thoroughly modern Margo Lewers.

News & Analysis

Deal me in
Gallerist Conny Dietzschold and ex-pat artist Stephen Roach talk candidly to Michael Hutak about the Australian art world.

My first time
Jenna Price speaks to collectors Kathy and Shiva Roy about their first art purchase.

Vale to David Moore and Paul Partos

Off the wall
There’s a new confidence in the age old medium of sculpture, reports Jeremy Eccles.

Go your own way
Ashley Crawford weighs up depth versus breadth in collecting.

Going for broke
Saleroom expert Terry Ingram gives some tips on avoiding embarrassing mistakes when buying at auction.

Melbourne Gothic
Ashley Crawford tells the story of a generation of Melbourne-based artists with a penchant for the dark side.

Cultural gifts
Tom Lowenstein explains the benefits of cultural gifts to Colin Simpson.

Michael Hutak previews the Venice Biennale.

Essay: Buy what you like
Andrew Frost examines how fashions influence art and what you like.


Gallery: Irene Sutton: Reluctant star
Alexie Glass gets the debut interview with the woman behind one of Melbourne’s most successful contemporary art spaces.

Collector: Helen Read - From the heart
Penelope Barker profiles Helen Read, owner of one of the most important collections of Aboriginal art in the country.