Issue 27 - Art Collector

January-March 2004


50 of Australia’s Most Collectable Artists 2004
For the sixth consecutive year Australian Art Collector has surveyed leading market experts, critics and consultants to present to you a list of artists who’s work you should buy now:
Gordon Bennett, Paul Boston, Pat Brassington, Jon Cattapan, John Coburn, Destiny Deacon, ADS Donaldson, Mikala Dwyer, Ian Fairweather, Rose Farrell and George Parkin, Emily Floyd, Simryn Gill, Shaun Gladwell, Louise Hearman, Bill Henson, Joy Hester, Michael Johnson, Robert Klippel, Rosemary Lang, Bruno Leti, Margo Lewers, Euan MacLeod, Robert Macpherson, Noel McKenna, Tracey Moffatt, Callum Morton, Clinton Nain, Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri, Makinti Napanangka, Naata Nunguarrayi, Deborah Paauwe, Polixeni Papapetrou, Christopher Pease, John Perceval, Patricia Piccinini, Minnie Pwerle, Scott Redford, Lloyd Rees, William Robinson, Vivienne Shark LeWitt, Garry Shead, Jeffrey Smart, Ricky Swallow, Wimmitji Tjapangarti, Tony Tuckson, Hossein Valamanesh, Savanhdary Vongpoothorn, Judy Watson, Ken Whisson, John Young.

Collector’s dossier: Ian Fairweather
Known for his adventurous and monastic life, Ian Fairweather is arguably one of Australia’s greatest painters, writes Ashley Crawford.

Artist: Emily Floyd - Alphabetical artistry
Emily Floyd’s short career has been on a fast track to fame, but the attention is deserved and sustainable, writes Edward Colless.

News & Analysis

Deal me in
Beverly Knight: Fair dealing Beverly Knight has been promoting artists from remote Indigenous communities for over a decade. Michael Hutak caught up with her recently.

Andrew Frost reviews Australian Surrealism by Bruce James.

My first time
Times are changing Jenna Price talks to Carli Philips about her first serious art buy.


Gallerist: Gitte Weise - Angels at her table
Leading Sydney gallerist Gitte Weise is quick to acknowledge the role of several key mentors, but the success that she reaps is all her own work, writes Michael Hutak.

Collector: John Buckley - A philosophy of conviction
Focusing on the minor works of major artists, John Buckley has defied orthodoxy. But his courage and connoisseurship have spawned a collection of distinction, writes Ashley Crawford.

Good client: Bad client
Besides money to burn, what makes a good client? Jeremy Eccles canvassed views of leading gallerists.

Art made to measure
A private commission may help you jump the queue for the work of an in-demand artist but, as Andrew Frost reports, the commissioning process is far from straightforward.

A new era for collectors
While artists are forging ahead in new media, collectors remain unconvinced. Maria Bilske looks behind the barriers to entry.

Art as investment: The returns and the risks
John Kavanagh weighs art against other asset categories.