Issue 29 - Art Collector

July-September 2004
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Cover Artist: Anne Wallace - Dressed like a set
Edward Colless searches Anne Wallace’s enigmatic domestic scenarios for clues to the events that preceded them.

Megan Walch: Evil flowers
Edward Colless takes us through the anarchic imagination of Melbourne painter Megan Walch whose boisterous concoctions mock adult responsibility and self-control.

Andrew Sullivan: A portrait of the artist
Somewhat disdainful of the Sydney art scene, artist Andrew Sullivan strives for honesty in himself and his work. John McDonald visits his Newtown studio.

John Olsen - Views from on high
Ashley Crawford talks to iconic Australian artist John Olsen about landscape, war, beauty, the decline of the observatory sensibility and the long art lunch.

Smart art
Our writers and critics from across the country have unearthed 20 artists, both established and emerging, whose work is available for purchase for less than $3,000:
Gloria Bliss, Kate Briscoe, Deidre But-Husaim, Brett Colquhoun, Indra Geidans, Franck Gohier, Jackie Gorring, Karl-Peter Gottschalk, Ian Greig, Neil Haddon, Gail Hastings, Sean Hogan, Nat & Ali, Luke Roberts, Sandra Selig, Sally Smart, Sam Smith, Guy Stuart, Judy Watson, Owen Yalandja.

News & Analysis

Deal me in: Jarrod Rawlins, Uplands Gallery
Fledgling Melbourne gallerist Jarrod Rawlins chats with Michael Hutak about making a place for his gallery in the international art scene.

Travel: Art guide Rome
Michael Hutak guides us through Rome’s vibrant contemporary art scene.

Paul McGillick reviews Michael Johnson by Barry Pearce.

The quick buck
Carmel Dwyer canvasses art world attitudes toward the growing trend of buying art with an eye to quick profit taking.

The art of the arbitrageur
Terry Ingram gives some clues to where to find new arbitrage opportunities on the Australian secondary market.

Collecting advice
Briony Downes talks to leading art advisers about their individual approaches to the highly personal service they offer collectors.

And finally, the answer…
The Australian Taxation Office has answered the art market’s most puzzling question. John Kavanagh reports.

Ethically collecting Aboriginal art
Carrie Lumby considers the many ethical dilemmas that have confronted the non-indigenous collector of aboriginal art from European colonisation through until today.


Dealer: Kerry Crowley - The wow factor
Until now Kerry Crowley refused to be interviewed because she feared being misunderstood. She speaks to Andrew Frost.

Collectors: Michael and Janet Buxton - The other Buxton collection
Michael Buxton’s Contemporary Australian Art Collection is widely known, but comparatively few have seen his and wife Janet’s private collection.