Issue 30 - Art Collector

October-December 2004
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Cover Artist: Shaun Gladwell - Warp speed
Shaun Gladwell’s art puts a new spin on breakdancing and skateboarding. His work, says Edward Colless, turns the world on its head.

Dossier: Elwyn Lynn - Abstract renown
Painter Elwyn Lynn lived large in the art world ccupying roles as various as critic and curator. According to Ashley Crawford, he was abstraction’s brave advocate at a time when it needed one.

Artist: Gulumbu Yunupingu - We all look at the same stars
Arnhem Land artist Gulumbu Yunupingu’s richly-painted poles won her Aboriginal art’s most prestigious award, the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award. Her poles carry a message of universality and unification under the night sky. Susan McCulloch reports.

Artist: Sue Dodd - Hot Gossip
A new wave of performance art is engulfing Melbourne. Edward Colless profiles Sue Dodd, one of its most prominent new proponents.

News & Analysis

Deal me in: Rex Irwin - Market matters
Michael Hutak talks to pioneering Sydney art dealer Rex Irwin about the changes he’s witnessed in more than three decades of trading on Queen Street, Woollahra.

Travel: Art guide Melbourne
Ashley Crawford leads us through the highlights of Melbourne’s booming contemporary art scene and down the city’s back alleys to visit places where the cognoscenti coagulates.

Damian O’Reilly reviews Michael Reid’s How to buy and sell art.

The return of the Salon hang
Salon style or a modernist hang? How you decide to display your artworks has certain implications write Carrie Lumby and Damian O’Reilly.


Dealer: Helen Gory - The Gory brand
Melbourne’s Helen Gory is among the new breed of gallerists eschewing the white cube and all that it means. Story by Edward Colless.

Collectors: Lyn Hughes and Graham Raad - Taking collecting to new levels
By commissioning site-specific works Lyn Hughes and Graham Raad are making art for their home where others might have preferred to make a home for their art. Story by Judith McGrath.

You can’t get too much of a good thing
While artists need to know how much work they can produce without compromising quality, the market requires a certain volume before it takes notice, Carmel Dwyer writes.

Divided on discounting
Does your dealer discount? Elizabeth Sarks surveyed art dealers across the country to draw them out on this controversial topic.

What tax claims can you make on your art collection? John Kavanagh reports.

Out there
Our art schools are producing the artists of tomorrow. Australian Art Collector correspondents around the country take a look at the cutting edge new art that is about to break on to the scene. Introduction by Edward Colless.