Issue 32 - Art Collector

April-June 2005
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Cover Artist: Monika Tichacek - Mirror, mirror…
Edward Colless is so gripped by Monica Tichacek’s multi-channel video productions that he is almost lost for words.

Scott Redford - The passing of the popular
Brisbane-based artist Scott Redford speaks of the merging of art and popular culture as though it has not already happened. Rex Butler wonders whether this is not an ingenious strategy for saving art.

Minnie Pwerle- Late bloomer
Minnie Pwerle was eighty when she picked up a paintbrush for the first time. Today she is one of Australia’s highest selling contemporary artists painting with great confidence and deliberation, as if the paintings had been gestating inside her all her life, writes Susan McCulloch.

Adam Cullen - When the weird turn pro
Archibald winning artist Adam Cullen pushes expectations and paint to extremes. Ashley Crawford goes one on one with the enfant terrible who refuses to grow up.

Dossier: Who is Yvonne Audette?
Considered one of the pre-eminent pioneers of abstraction in Australia, Yvonne Audette has until now by and large escaped the notice of Australian art collectors. Story by Carrie Lumby and Greg Winch.

News & Analysis

Deal me in
Roslyn Oxley and her collectors Andrew Frost and Roslyn Oxley discuss the changes in the contemporary art market over the last two decades.

Printmaker: Meg Buchanan
In the first in a series of articles on Australian printmakers who deserve more attention from art collectors, Sasha Grishin profiles Canberra artist Meg Buchanan.

Undiscovered artists
Australian Art Collector’s art writers and critics unveil Australia’s shining new talent:
Alex Asch, Monika Behrens, what, Tobias Richardson, Jewel Mackenzie, Sascha Holyoak, David Hawley, Bree Dalton, Sanne Mestrom, Conor O'Brien.

Water, water everywhere
The market once preferred the machismo of oils over their more feminine counterpart, watercolour. Those days are gone, says Terry Ingram.

Art at the dead heart
Maurice O’Riordan’s road trip to the centre of Australia uncovered a little-known community of painters producing work that is exciting metropolitan dealers and collectors.

Does size matter?
When is there a direct relationship between the size of a canvas and its value? Carrie Lumby and Greg Winch have the answers.

Trust galleries or trust accounts
Art world accountant Tom Lowenstein advocates keeping artists’ funds separate to the gallery’s running account as one way to protect their financial interests in the event of a downturn in the art market.

Cardiff is fast becoming one of Europe’s cultural centres. Edward Colless tells what not to miss.

Art uncovered
Mardi Kennedy compares the insurance options available to art collectors.


Dealer: Robin Gibson - Eternal optimist
Carmel Dwyer attributes Robin Gibson’s long and continuing success in the art world to optimism and his great empathy for his artists, among other things.

Collectors: Julian and Stephanie Grose - Addicted to art
Once they decide they want one these Adelaide collectors don’t mind queuing for a work by an in-demand artist, but in the meantime they love to be among the first to unearth new talent.