Issue 33 - Art Collector

July-September 2005
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Cover Artist: Rhys Lee - Heavenly Creatures
From graffiti art to art gallery, Rhys Lee makes his mark on the Melbourne scene. Edward Colless picks up on the signs.

Tracey Moffatt - New work in New York
From her New York bolt hole, successful contemporary artist Tracey Moffatt talks to Sarah Douglas about her latest work.

Peter Hennessey - A space oddity
Peter Hennessey’s strange objects have begun landing on Earth at regular intervals. He calls them enactments, rather than reproductions, of things that exist in the media or in the digital world and but for his handiwork, may not otherwise exist at all. Story by Ashley Crawford.

Dossier: Allan Mitelman
Carrie Lumby asks how might a collector approach the work of Allan Mitelman whose remarkable consistency in quality over 30 years creates an abundance of choice?

Smart Art
Australian Art Collector’s art writers and critics from across the country suggest thirteen artists, some established and some emerging, who have work available for purchase for under $3,000:
Sambo Barra Barra, Billy Black, Mariana del Castillo, James Cochran, Jo Darbyshire, Kate Ellis, Shane Forrest, Mira Gojak, Virginia Miller, Tony Nathan, Sally Ross, John Vella, Jemima Wyman

News & Analysis

Getting in touch with your roots
Being on familiar terms with your local artist-run space is a great way to get close to the raw end of the art world, writes Carrie Lumby.

The power of colour
The earth-tones we’re used to seeing from our highest profile indigenous artists are making way for more colourful works from other regions. Is this the beginning of a collector trend asks Susan McCulloch?

Buying art on the internet
Is the day approaching when buying art from web sites will replace gallery visits. Andrew Frost thinks not.

It’s the house style
Do galleries have identities based on something the artists have in common beyond the taste of the gallerist? Andrew Frost goes in search of art brand.

A movebale feast
To expose their artists’ work to new cities, more gallerists are staging interstate exhibitions in rental spaces. It’s all good news for collectors, writes Andrew Frost.


Dealers: Michael and Richard Nagy - Worlds apart
The Nagy brothers took different paths but both ended up in the business of dealing art. Story by Carmel Dwyer.

Collectors: Di and Jeff Hay - Anthology of art
Di Hay’s uncompromising aesthetic has resulted in a serious collection displayed to great effect in her Perth home.

Sullivan + Strumpf: New kids on the block - Deal me in
Ursulla Sullivan and Joanna Strumpf are the latest of a new breed of gallerists confidently dealing across the primary and secondary markets. Andrew Frost caught up with them at their Paddington gallery in Sydney.

Printmaker: Bruno Leti
In a series of articles spotlighting Australian printmakers, Sasha Grishin profiles Melbourne artist Bruno Leti.