Issue 34 - Art Collector

October-December 2005
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Cover Artist: Matthew Johnson - Circles of light
Growing up in the art world gave Matthew Johnson a respect for painting’s traditions and a dedication to the craft, writes Ingrid Periz.

Tjanpi Weavers - A new spin on Indigenous art
In the small community of Blackstone, 400km southwest of Alice Springs, members of the Tjanpi co-operative have been weaving sculptures for over a decade. This year they swept away the NATSIAA judges with a life-sized woven Toyota. Susan McCulloch talks to Kantjupayi Benson, one of the senior grass weavers.

Kit Wise - Wise guy
Kit Wise landed in Australia just a few years ago. Now this Younger British Artist is taking off, writes Edward Colless.

Gareth Sansom - Welcome to my mind
October will be the month of Samson. Ashley Crawford talks to the artist as he prepares for two important exhibitions.

News & Analysis

Group therapy
Gallerists are collaborating on group shows across cities in efforts to expose their own artists to wider audiences. Andrew Frost says it is all good news for collectors too.

Out of the closet
Artworks depicting people without clothing are part of a long tradition. But, asks Karen de Perthuis, what are we to make of art with clothing, but no people?

Not until the cows come home
Are collectors turning away from the riskier category of contemporary art and playing it safe with the traditionals? Terry Ingram thinks it’s all about the cows.

Words from the wise
In a heated market, a misguided sense of urgency can result in regretted decisions. With the help of leading art consultants Elizabeth Sarks compiles our list of the top 10 art mistakes.

Busy benefactors
Public galleries and their benefactor groups are getting inventive with ways to raise funds for new acquisitions. Prue Gibson discovered that The Art Gallery of NSW’s contemporary benefactors’ committee has unearthed some exciting new talent on the way through.

Out there
As art students around Australia gear up for their graduate shows, Australian Art Collector’s correspondents preview what’s out there.

Sculpture Market Update
Australian Art Collector magazine presents our first 16-page special market update. Andrew Frost, Dr Shireen Huda and Ruth Skilbeck ask: what exactly is sculpture today, what shape is the market in and what are the specialists’ predictions for the future?


Dealer: Rex Irwin - World of ideas
Rex Irwin is quick to make the distinction between running a gallery and being part of the art world. He talks business with Carmel Dwyer.

Collectors: April Francis and John Nicholson - Getting serious
Collectors April Francis and John Nicholson have become very serious about collecting but, as Carmel Dwyer discovered, it wasn’t always like that.

Keith and Lottie: Retailing art commodities - Deal me in
Aimee Johns, 22, fills a gap in the market selling street and graphic-styled art from her gallery/shop combo in Perth. She spoke to Robert Cook about her plans for the future.

Printmaker: Anne Lord
In a continuing series highlighting Australian printmakers, Sasha Grishin profiles north Queensland artist Anne Lord.