Issue 36 - Art Collector

April-June 2006
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Cover artist: Darren Sylvester: The right stuff
He says his photographs are all about emotion. From the Australia Council’s Greene Street studio in New York, Darren Sylvester reflects on life, love and pop lyrics with Edward Colless.

Aida Tomescu: Undeniable presence
She arrived in Sydney an escapee from Ceaucescu’s Romania 26 years ago and set about trying to re-establish herself as an exhibiting artist. Today Aida Tomescu’s almost monochromatic paintings have earned her an undeniable presence in the Australian art world.

Marise Maas: Animal magnetism
When Marise Maas first saw Susan Rothenberg’s prehistoric looking drawings in New York, she was breathless. They are an influence seen today in her own primal animal renderings that seem as if they’re from a world before civilization and technology. Ashley Crawford visits her studio.

Dossier: Sydney Ball: Coming full circle
Sydney Ball began exploring the possibility of a meeting of The Apollonian with The Dionysian before he decided that they had actually already met in the Australian bush when the first Europeans landed. Ashley Crawford discovered how this realisation eventually brought Ball’s work back to where it began more than four decades ago.

Undiscovered artists
Australian Art Collector’s art writers and critics unveil Australia’s shining new talent:
Cecile Galiazzo, Halinka Orszulok, Soda_jerk, Karen Mills, Di Ball, Scott Taylor, Matt Warren, Irene Hanenbergh, Anastasia Klose, Alwin Reamillo.

News & Analysis

Learning from the masters
Andrew Frost talks to gallery apprentices turned gallerists about what they’ve taken from their big-name bosses.

The lost generation
Terry Ingram searches for the art of the 1960s and 1970s which is conspicuously absent from our salerooms.

Design for living (with art)
Carmel Dwyer talks to architect Peter Stutchbury about Springwater, his award winning house designed around a contemporary art collection.

Talking with artists
In Bill Wright’s latest incarnation he will interview 40 artists about their lives, work and meanings. He tells Carmel Dwyer about his new project.


Dealer: Karen Woodbury: Seriously risky
When Melbourne’s contemporary art scene got wind of Karen Woodbury’s plan to open a commercial gallery in flash, stylish premises in Richmond there was much excited anticipation. Two years later her stable of rising art stars hasn’t disappointed. Story by Edward Colless.

Collector: Rob Greer: Pleasure pavilion
Rob Greer denies being an art collector but he has an impressive art collection, a house designed to best display it and some habits suspiciously similar to those of other collectors. He doesn’t visit art galleries though and is little known to the art world, preferring to retain a degree of anonymity. Story by Timothy Morrell.

Auction Specialist: David Cook: On the line
As an elite member of what he characterises as a very exclusive club, David Cook the head of paintings at Christie’s, has some insider advice for auction buyers and sellers. He talks to Carmel Dwyer.

Deal me in: Rob Gould: Closing ranks
As the salerooms get busier, the businesses of secondary market dealers are getting tighter. Rob Gould believes that while the auction houses have become hyper retailers of art there are still plenty of convincing reasons to stay with your traditional secondary market dealer.

Printmaker: Raymond Arnold
In a series of articles spotlighting Australian printmakers Sasha Grishin profiles Tasmanian-based printmaker Raymond Arnold.