Issue 40 - Art Collector

April-June 2007
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Artist: Fiona Omeenyo’s Wombs and ghosts
Ashley Crawford says what sets Fiona Omeenyo’s work apart from the plethora of contemporary Aboriginal work around is her natural sense of innovation. Portrait by Viva Partos.

Daniel Crooks: Time lord
Daniel Crooks makes videos that translate time into space. Get lost in the translation with Edward Colless. Portrait by Kirstin Gollings.

Irene Hanenbergh: Ghost in the machine
Remarkably, Irene Hanenbergh has rebuilt the inside of her ancient PC to allow her to paint with a staggering array of paintbrushes in every colour of the spectrum. Story by Ashley Crawford. Portrait by Kirstin Gollings.

Dossier: Garry Shead’s gentle lyricism
Garry Shead enjoys the love of the public along with critical acclaim that nominates him as our finest living lyrical figurative expressionist painter. Story by Sasha Grishin. Portrait by Sonia Payes.

Undiscovered artists
Australian Art Collector’s art writers and critics across the country unveil Australia’s shining new talent:
Tony Albert, Jonathan Barnard, Stephen Harrison, Matthew Hopkins, Matthew Hunt, Mark Misic, Simon Pericich, Bill Sampson, Rachel Scott, Mark Siebert.

News & Analysis

Those less gifted
Terry Ingram undertook a close reading of the annual report of the Federal Government department that operates the Cultural Gifts Program uncovering all manner of donors and donations to this country's art institutions. The figures however, reveal a worrying decline in generosity.

The chosen few
Are you missing out in the bext works by your most cherished artists? By interviewing some major dealers Jo Higgins learnt how to get on the other side of the exhibition opening to get first dibs on the show.

Turner prized
Jonathan Turner, a Sydney born curator working across the globe has recently been recognised as the most influential critic/curator in Italian contemporary art and beyond. He spoke to Michael Hutak about his award.

Art outdoors
In the art trade, sculpture collectors were once jokingly defined as picture lovers who had run out of wall space. Recently Terry Ingram has noticed an increase in enthusiasm for conventional sculpture collecting to the point where it would be wildly inaccurate to characterise it as a second option to wall art.

And they’re racing
Big players in the new line-up of art auction houses are jockeying for market share in an increasingly intensely stock driven industry. Terry Ingram asks what are the implications for vendors and buyers?

Northern summer blockbusters offer Grand Tour revival
This year presents a once-a-decade opportunity for collectors to visit Europe's big four contemporary art events. Because of a fortunate freak of scheduling the Venice Biennale, Art Basel, documenta and the Munster Sculpture Project all open within a couple of weeks in June. Michael Hutak previews the European summer of super exhibitions.


Cover artist: David Thomas: Works for this century
David Thomas told Ingrid Periz that his works come from the pictorial tradition of making sense of the world. Portrait by Kirstin Gollings.

Gallerist: Paul Greenaway
After 15 solid years of dealing from the same Adelaide address, it would be difficult to name an Australian gallerist with a stronger dedication to the artists he has chosen to represent. Paul Greenaway was interviewed by Australian Art Collector by email. Portraits by Denys Finney.

Art Adviser: Ian Rogers
Ian Rogers acts as an art adviser for his clients in all the ways an art adviser might, but he also takes it upon himself to always raise a client’s collection above its decorative value. He was interviewed by email by Australian Art Collector. Portraits by Kirstin Gollings.

Dennis Nona was trained in woodcarving along with the other children on Badu Island. His works today have a strong sense of narrative and are rich in visual references and subtle nuances reflecting Torres Strait Islander culture writes Sasha Grishin.