Issue 41 - Art Collector

July-September 2007
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Cover artist: Matthew Sleeth: World vision
Matthew Sleeth’s photography is hard to believe, writes Edward Colless, but that’s what makes it captivating. Portrait by Kirstin Gollings.

Wakartu Cory Surprise: The word according to Wakartu
Nearing 80, Fitzroy Crossing star Wakartu Cory Surprise is undergoing a renaissance in her work according to Maurice O’Riordan. Portrait by Paul Miller.

Philip Hunter: The memory of water
The world Philip Hunter paints is apocalyptic; desiccated by drought and fire, writes Ashley Crawford. Portraits by Kirstin Gollings.

Gunter Christmann: The unexplained
An alumnus of the famous 1960s Sydney gallery, Central Street, painter Gunter Christmann spoke to Ingrid Periz about preparations for his forthcoming exhibition. Portrait by the artist.

Smart Art:
Under $3,000
Australian Art Collector’s art writers and critics present the best buys for under $3,000 by both emerging and established writers across the country:
Penny Byrne, Lauren Cross, Brett East, Tony Garifalakis, Josie Kunoth Petyarre and Dini Kemarre, Jenifer Lowrey, Danie Mellor, Tom Muller, Cath Robinson, Noel Skryzypcak, Marina Strocchi.

News & Analysis

What’s in store?
Over the last 20 years of operations Gene Sherman pulled together a stable of high-demand artists. Now that her gallery is changing course, Peter Hill asks what the future may hold for them?

Following suit
Legal resale agreements are a common practice among commercial galleries in London, New York and Berlin. Will Australian galleries follow suit? Jo Higgins reports.

Sponsor versus donor gifting
There are a number of ways art collectors might support public galleries in Australia. Peter Hill asks the directors which they prefer: sponsor or donor benefaction?

The new philanthropy 1
Eponymous, not-for-profit, private art foundations are starting to flourish all over Australia. Ruth Skilbeck takes stock.

The new philanthropy 2
Installation artist Christian Capurro’s attendance at the Venice Biennale along with his large-scale installation is being made possible by a little-known cultural fund which makes small, artist-targeted donations tax-deductible. Ruth Skilbeck finds out more.

Geoff K Gray’s auctions: from industrial space to cyberspace
Graysonline is carving out its own place in the shifting landscape of the Australian auction market and even in his eighties, auction industry doyen Geoff Gray continues to make an impact. Interview by Terry Ingram.


Gallery: Uplands Gallery: On the up and up
On the eve of the gallery’s sixth birthday co-directors Jarrod and Tara Rawlings spoke to Ashley Crawford with some excitement about the future of Uplands Gallery. Photography by Kirstin Gollings.

Art adviser: Barbara Flynn
When Barbara Flynn relocated to Sydney from New York City she brought with her impressive credentials. Today, as one of Australia’s most well regarded art advisers, her services are available for hire. Jo Higgins conducted an email interview with her. Portraits by Nick Watt.

Collector: Dick Quan
Dick Quan’s impressive knowledge of contemporary art may be one of the reasons his name commands automatic respect in contemporary art circles. Interview by Carmel Dwyer. Photography by Nick Watt.

Printmaker: Jörg Schmeisser
Sasha Grishin profiles one of Australia’s most distinguished artist printmakers, Jörg Schmeisser.