Issue 47 - Art Collector

January-March 2009
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50 Things Collectors Need to Know 2009
In our inaugural list of 50 Things Collectors Need to Know, we ask the country’s leading industry professionals to give us the inside running on the essentials every collector needs to know over the next year. We look at:
    Award winners
    Art world agenda setters
    Public gallery acquisitions
    Art centres
    Cool hunter predictions
    Public gallery shows
    Art fairs
    New dealers
    Essential Websites

50 of Australia’s Most Collectable Artists 2009
This year we polled a new pool of contemporary art experts, our subscribers, to discover 50 of Australia’s Most Collectable Artists for 2009.

News & Analysis


Art market report
The traumas of the financial world may take a long time to work their way through the art market if the shake out of 1989-94 is any guide, reports Terry Ingram. But this time the art that might be “sacrificed” is more tightly held and the reserve bank has release early the low interest money that fuelled the last art market recovery.

Loan boost for Tasmanian artists
The Tasmanian state government has introduced a loan scheme aimed at enhancing the art colletions of its citizens and the livelihoods of its emerging artists, reports Maxine Clarke.

Video art at auction
At an auction in Melbourne at the end of last year we witnessed what were among the very first secondary market sales of video art. It was a case of mixed fortures, reports Amanda Woodard.

Yirrkala video art
On the remote tip of Arnhem Land, the artists of Buku-Larrnggay Mulka, world famous for their traditional bark painting, art telling their stories with high definition cameras reports Amanda Woodard.

Loop Video Art
Barcelona 27-29 May 2009
Video art collectors and curators will converge in Barcelona again this year to wander through the guest rooms of a hotel where they’ll see the latest on offer from video artists all over the world reports Carrie Miller.

Resale royalty uproar
The introduction of Australia’s first visual arts resale royalty scheme is expected to take place this year. Maxine Clarke and Ashley Crawford canvassed the industry’s response to the details of the proposed scheme.

Global auction report
The global market is in turmoil but the results are decidedly mixed. Records are being made in New York and solid sales continue in Australia, despite the occasional mishap, reports Ashley Crawford.

On the couch

Profit & Provenance
Millions of dollars have poured through audtion houses all over the world as the market has exploded for contemporary Aboriginal art, but many of the artists themselves live in poverty. In announceing its entry into the Aboriginal art market in 2009, Melbourne-based auction house Deutscher and Hakett has established a policy that will preference work sourced from the community-owned art centres and so help diminish the profits of carpetbaggers. Deutscher and Hackett’s head of aboriginal art Crispin Gutteridge spoke to Ashley Crawford.

Behind the scenes

The two Roberts
Robert Hirschmann and Robert Linnegar have been artist and gallerist for 20 years. Courtney Kidd discovered that such “marriages” survive only through subtle processes of negotiation, plus a healthy dose of mutual respect for each other’s skills.

Virtual future of collecting
Time-poor, cashed-up young collectors are increasingly using the internet to build their collections. Carrie Miller asks what this may mean for the traditional structures of the art world.

Money sullies art: Ursula Sulliva
Primary dealers are often wary of the commercial objectives of the secondary market. Carrie Miller talks to Sullivan+Strumpf Fine Art’s Ursula Sullivan, who straddles both the primary and secondary markets at her Paddington gallery in Sydney.


The rising importance of art fairs
Participation in art fairs has become increasingly central to the business model of commercial galleries worldwide to the extent that some galleries in Europe and America now rely on them entirely for sales. Ruth Skilbeck canvassed opinions on their increasing value to artists, collectors and dealers.


Exhibition: Inifinity nets and polka dots
This quarter, Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art is staging the first major exhibition in Australia of the work of Yayoi Kusama, one of Japan’s most distinctive, acclaimed and idiosyncratic contemporary artists. Words by Ruth Skilbeck.

Exhibition: Global citizens
The work of six Australian artists will challenge the idea that globalism creates a homogenized international culture. Their work will be showcased this quarter in the Havana Biennial, an exhibition devoted to artists working outside the dominant centres of power writes Christine Morrow.

Collector: A disciplined eye
Courtney Kidd talks to collector Josephine Ridge, the General Manager for the Festival of Sydney about her personal art collection.

If I could have…
Art critic Sasha Grishin pares back his wishlist and selects the 10 works he would buy tomorrow if he could.

What’s on this quarter
What’s on across the nation, plus state wrap reports covering the latest news and events from each region.

Inside the covers
Ruth Skilbeck interviews Vivien Johnson on what’s inside the covers of her latest book, Lives of the Papunya Tula Artists.