Issue 48 - Art Collector

April-June 2009
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What Now?
In this new feature, Australian Art Collector presents the most recent work from Lindy Lee, Samantha Everton, Linde Ivimey, Karlee Rawkins, Deborah Halpern and Peter Boggs.


Sam Leach: The Primacy of Progress by Carrie Miller.
James Dodd: Text Heavy by Edward Colless.
Lisa Adams: Outside In by Ingrid Periz.
Todd Hunter: Nailing the Gesture by Ashley Crawford.
Nyarrapyi Giles and her Ideographic Thrills by Susan McCulloch

For the eleventh year running, we’ve sent our leading art writers and critics on a mission to uncover artists who, while currently unrepresented, are ready to shine. This year’s pick includes: Anika Wilkins, Gian Manik, Brigita Ozolins, Rob Scott-Mitchell, Jake Walker, Owen Lewis and Peter McKay.

Critic’s Choice
Art critic Natalie King presents a highly personal selection of five artists: Rennie Ellis; Anastasia Klose; Destiny Deacon; A Constructed World; and Tony Albert.

Award Winners
Courtney Kidd rounds up eight of the best art prize winners of the last quarter.

News & Analysis


New Blood
Liverpool Street Gallery has added five more painters to its illustrious Sydney stable. Director James Erskine talks to Amanda Woodard about the new talent.

The upside of the downturn
Art sales are slower but wiser this quarter and the nation’s gallerists report that the shift might not be such a bad thing for artists or collectors reports Terry Ingram.

Mossgreen expansion
Melbourne’s Mossgreen Gallery has picked up a large number of leading artists following the closure of Christine Abrahams Gallery at the end of 2008 reports Simone Noakes.

Fair weather ahead?
The health of the contemporary art fair has always been a good measure of the vitality of the industry as a whole. Simon Noakes checks its pulse.

ACGA launches new gallery space
A new contemporary art gallery at Federation Square will give Melbourne collectors an opportunity to regularly view the work of leading contemporary artists from all over Australia reports Simone Noakes.

Faces in the room
Some will stay and some have already gone and there will be some new ones too. Terry Ingram takes stock of the changing faces in Australian salesrooms as the fallout of the downturn in the global economy hits the art market.

Global art market report
The flight to quality which has typified past corrections in the art market was everywhere apparent in the most recent round of auctions worldwide writes Terry Ingram.

Oh no, I’ve collected an unethically sourced artwork!
Do you own an Aboriginal artwork that may have been unethically sourced? Carrie Miller finds out what a collector in that predicament might do.

On the couch

A new way of seeing
An eminent art historian is reframing our thinking anbout contemporary art. Eleanor Heartney talks to Carrie Miller about why we can no longer talk about art as a series of “isms”.

Behind the scenes

The end of the liquid lunch
Brisbane dealer Josh Milani and artist Vernon Ah Kee have grown up together; one learning how to run a gallery while the other climbed the art world ladder. Close in age, the two share a low-key approach to life, meaning fewer empty wine bottles on the table at the end of lunch writes Timothy Morrell.

Is painting a superior art form?
Carrie Miller poses the question to painter Tim Storrier and arts writer and broadcaster Andrew Frost.

The new pluralism
Virtuoso accomplishment in a particular medium is of decreasing importance these days as artists hoose instead to work through whatever creative means available to express their ideas. Carrie Miller asks ho this shift has been changing the nature of Australia's private collections and commercial galleries.

On public display
Could unethically sourced Aboriginal artworks be hanging in our nation's major state galleries? Ashley Crawford takes a look at the buying policies of our public institutions.

Money sullies art: Elizabeth Ann Macgregor
Carrie Miller talks to Museum of Contemporary Art director Elizabeth Ann Macgregor about blockbuster shows.


Exhibition: Sichuan Hot
Unlike the generation of artists who created the Chinese art boom, the artists showing in Sichuan Hot make no references to Mao or the cultural revolution. Instead, they turn to mass communication, the internet, pop culture, urban clutter and the explosion of China’s urban landscape for inspiration, writes Mark Mordue.

Art Philanthropy
We profile Gene & Brian Sherman’s philanthropic endeavours, including the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, and report on the resiliency of art philanthropy in the face of the global financial crisis.

Collector: Like a heroin addiction
For 40 years Pierre Marecaux and Ken Thompson obsessively collected works from remote desert communities. Their colourful, contemporary collection now includes some of the best examples of work from the finest artists this country has produced writes Courtney Kidd.

Dealer: The Internationalist
Sydney gallerist Dominik Mersch is accustomed to vaulting the hurdles of distance. With half a stable based in Europe, long distance phone calls and hefty international freight bills are par for the course reports Prue Gibson.

Art centre: Warlukurlangu Artists, Yuendemu
According to Sasha Grishin, Paris and Manhattan are stagnant backwaters of art production compared to Australia’s Western Desert Region, which is producing some of the finest contemporary art anywhere in the world.

Gallery Snapshot: Eva Breuer Art Dealer
Five artists from Sydney’s Eva Breuer Art Dealer, compiled by Prue Gibson.

If I could have…
Alexie Glass chooses 10 works from stockrooms across Australia that she would buy tomorrow if she could.               

Travel: Recession Chic, the 53rd International Venice Biennale
The Venice Biennale, the world’s oldest, most-venerated annual contemporary art event will be held this year in the shadow of the global financial crisis as the international art market, a luxury market, is reminded that collecting art is mostly discretionary, reports Michael Hutak.     
What’s on this quarter
What’s on across the nation, plus state wrap reports covering the latest news and upcoming events from each region.

Inside the covers: New Beginnings
Collector and philanthropist Patrick Corrigan talks to Carrie Miller about his Indigenous art collection, recently showcased in the impressive publication New Beginnings: Classic Paintings from the Corrigan Collection.