Issue 51 - Art Collector

January-March 2010
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50 Things Collectors Need to Know 2011

In our third annual review of 50 Things Collectors Need to Know, we ask leading industry experts for the inside running on the year ahead.

On the world stage
Our writers and critics profile local artists who are currently attracting attention on the world stage.

Curator’s radar
We asked curators about recent acquisitions and forthcoming public gallery exhibitions to discover the artists currently on their radar.

Cool hunter predictions
Our writers and critics hunt out the latest crop of artist on the cusp.

New directions
When an artist reinvigorates their practice, it’s time for collectors to take another look. Our writers present two such artists deserving of fresh attention.

Agenda Setters
We identify art world leaders who will be setting the agenda for 2011.

Remarkable collectors & philanthropists
Setting the pace for collectors this year will be the example of four very remarkable collectors and philanthropists.

Courtney Kidd introduces the new faces now exhibiting with the region’s leading galleries.

Dealing trends
Ben Crawford and Carrie Miller take a look at the boom in online dealing, while Ashley Crawford turns his eye to ethical standards for the sale of Aboriginal art in the secondary market.

Collecting trends
Art world analysts survey the trends currently influencing collectors

2011 preview
Our writers preview the important events, fairs and exhibitions that
should be in every collector’s diary this year.

50 of Australia’s Most Collectable Artists 2011
We polled a pool of contemporary art experts – Australian Art Collector subscribers – to discover 50 of Australia’s Most Collectable Artists for 2011.


What now?
Presenting the most recent work by Melinda Harper, Thornton Walker,
Guy Warren, Jeremy Kibel and Lisa Tomasetti.


A grand adventure
Melbourne’s Nellie Castan is open to adventures, both in life and art,
writes Helen McKenzie.

If I could have…
Sue Gardiner selects 10 works from commercial gallery stockrooms around the world that she would buy tomorrow if money were no object.

Inside the covers
Jane O’Sullivan talks to the author of The Rapture of Death, Prue Gibson, to discover why contemporary Australian artists are so fascinated with death.

News & Analysis

News and views on the art world and market.

Behind the scenes
Our writers take you behind the scenes of the Australian art world.

Sale of the centuries
Amanda Woodard asks what the recent sale of two donated Ian Fairweathers by the Art Gallery of New South Wales means for collectors looking to donate work to public institutions.