Issue 56 - Art Collector

April-June 2011
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What now?
Presenting the most recent work by Imants Tillers, Elisabeth Cummings, Stephen Bambury, Sydney Ball, Heather B Swann and James Smeaton.

Our writers and critics present seven undiscovered artists that collectors should know about.


eX de Medici by Edward Colless
Maria Fernanda Cardoso by Ashley Crawford
Reuben Paterson by John Hurrell
Enrique Martínez Celaya by Gillian Serisier
Rammey Ramsey by Timothy Morrell
Collector’s Dossier: Marion Borgelt by John McDonald

Critic’s choice
Joanna Mendelssohn selects five artists who pay unusual attention to form and the selection of materials.

Award winners
Courtney Kidd presents the stand out art prize winners of the past quarter.


Exhibition : Therapy session
Timothy Morrell previews a Brisbane exhibition that asks whether art heals or hurts.

Collector: Finding his true religion
Helen McKenzie profiles well known philanthropist and collector Neil Balnaves and discovers his guilty secret: it took him decades to fall in love with art.

Dealer: Success takes time
Judith Abell interviews Hobart stalwart Dick Bett about his family-run gallery and finds that the gallery is about to enter a new era as his children take the reins.

Art centre: Ernabella Arts
Maurice O’Riordan profiles Ernabella Arts, Australia’s oldest art centre, and takes a look at what Papunya Tula is doing to celebrate its 40th anniversary this year.

Michael Hutak previews the Museum of Modern Art’s upcoming
Willem de Kooning retrospective.

If I could have…
Mark Feary selects 10 works from commercial gallery stockrooms around the world that he would buy tomorrow if money were no object.

Inside the covers
Ingrid Periz talks to Noah Horowitz, the author of Art of the
Deal: Contemporary art in a global financial market, about why
investing in contemporary art is no sure thing.

News & Analysis

News and views on the art world and market.

On the couch: Producing in partnership
Helen McKenzie interviews Lisa Havilah, the incoming CEO of
Sydney’s CarriageWorks, about what art centres can and should be
doing to engage their audiences.

Behind the scenes
Our writers take you behind the scenes of the Australian art world.

Ingrid Periz asks whether traditional art criticism is suffering as readers move online, and also takes a look at the critic with 4,970 friends, Jerry Saltz.

What’s on this quarter
What's on across the country.