Issue 57 - Art Collector

July - September 2011
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What now?
Presenting the most recent work by Gavin Hipkins, Idris Murphy,
Neil Haddon, Carl Warner, Marcel Cousins and John Hoyland.

What next?
Our writers select two young artists who are on the brink of big things.

Art Under $5,000
Here are six artists whose work is regularly available for less than $5,000.


Joan Ross by Carrie Miller
McLean Edwards by Andrew Frost
Clinton Nain by Ashley Crawford
Glen Namundja by Maurice O’Riordan
Collector’s Dossier:
John Firth-Smith by Ashley Crawford

Critic’s choice
Daniel Mudie Cunningham selects five artists who are doing exciting things in the nation’s artist run spaces.

Award winners
Courtney Kidd presents the stand out art prize winners of the past quarter.


Australian Art Collector at Auckland Art Fair
Presenting a snapshot of the work that collectors will find at
this year’s Auckland Art Fair.

Collector: Playing his own game
Carrie Miller talks to Sydney collector Peter Fay about his unusual
and uncompromising approach to collecting.

Dealer: Fighting the newness
Andrew Jensen sees newness as a contaminating force in the art world. He talks to Carrie Miller about why his approach is to try to find ways to slow vision down.

Art centre: Tjungu Palya
Maurice O’Riordan profiles Tjungu Palya, a relatively new art centre whose artists have quickly earned a name for themselves for their brilliant use of colour.

Amy Yang previews what’s in store at the 2011 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair.

If I could have…
Prue Gibson selects 10 works from commercial gallery stockrooms around the world that she would buy tomorrow if money were no object.

News & Analysis

News and views on the art world and market. on the couch

On the couch: An eye for the online future
Sue Gardiner talks to the founders of the new online art website
Ocula about how the internet might be able to draw more people
back into the galleries.

Behind the scenes
Our writers take you behind the scenes of the Australian art world.

Agenda: Is it time we stopped talking about Aboriginal art?
Carrie Miller asks whether it’s still appropriate to be talking about
art in terms of the cultural background of the artist.

Edward Colless takes a look at two exhibitions travelling to
Australia this quarter to present the latest developments in British art.

What's on this quarter & state wrap reports