Issue 7 - Art Collector

January-March 1999


Australia’s 50 Most Collectable Artists
We polled Australia’s art world experts and insiders and asked them to nominate which artists will be the smartest buys in 1999:
Howard Arkley, Hany Armanious, Jason Benjamin, Charles Blackman, Arthur Boyd, Jack Britten, Adam Cullen, Robert Dickerson, Maclean Edwards, Dale Frank, John Firth-Smith, Rosalie Gascoigne, Helga Groves, Bill Henson, Louise Hearman, Michael Johnson, Kitty Kantilla, Robert Klippel, Sydney Long, Robert MacPherson, Tim Maguire, Tracey Moffatt, Sir Sidney Nolan, Susan Norrie, Bronwyn Oliver, Margaret Olley, John Olsen, Mike Parr, Paul Partos, Gloria Tamerre Petyarre, Patricia Piccinini, William Robinson, Nike Savvas, Charlie Sheard, Grace Cossington Smith, Mike Stevenson, Tim Storrier, Sir Arthur Streeton, Howard Taylor, Hossein Valamanesh, Imants Tillers, Eugene von Guerard, Savanhdary Vongpoothorn, Roland Wakelin, Judy Watson, HJ Wedge, Guan Wei, Brett Whiteley, Fred Williams, John Young.

Dossier: Grace Cossington Smith
In Dossier, Judith White charts the who, what, where and why of Australia’s most significant artists. This issue we profile Grace Cossington Smith.

News & Features

From Here to Obscurity
National correspondent Terry Ingram looks at artists who in their day made a big splash in the Australian saleroom, but have since disappeared into oblivion.

Collector: Kerry Stokes: Up Close & Personal
David Bromfield interviewed the high profile corporate flyer and chairman of our National Gallery, and found an avid proponent, patron and collector of Australian art.

Gallerist: Guy Abrahams: Dealer in Optimism
Susan McCulloch profiles the dealer who has put his own stamp on the influential contemporary art gallery that bears his late mother’s name – Christine Abrahams Gallery.

Sherman-Wright Art Index
Access Economics’s benchmarks of the Australian art market, exclusive to Australian Art Collector.

Collecting Frames
A lucrative and growing international market for period picture frames offers unique opportunities for canny local collectors, reports Michael Reid.

Essay: Laptop
Critic Edward Colless proposes lap dancing as a model for the art of our time.

I Left My Art in Bilbao
One year after the opening of his $100m Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, architect Frank Gehry spoke exclusively to AAC’s Jacqueline Khiu about art and artists, architecture and museums.

Swept Away
In the aftermath of the devastating tsunami that wreaked havoc in northern New Guinea, David Said reports on the disaster’s impact on the practices of local artists.