Issue 74 - Art Collector

October - December 2015
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We present work by artists in the collections of our readers who are currently finding success on the world stage.


Clemens Krauss: The doctor is in
Tracey Clement on Clemens Krauss and the intersection of art and science

Huseyin Sami: Smashing colours
Peter Hill talks to painter Huseyin Sami about his greatest influences

Suji Park: Looking back and looking forward
Frances Morton discovers ceramicist Suji Park isn't afraid to push the limits of her medium

Regina Pilawuk Wilson: Dreamweaver
Una Rey examines how Regina Pilawuk Wilson translates traditional weaving techniques on to canvas

Liam Benson: Everyone we know
Carrie Miller introduces the work of queer performance artist Liam Benson

Collector's Dossier
Aida Tomescu: Painting as process
John McDonald looks back at the process-driven practice of abstractionist Aida Tomescu

Also in this issue...

NATSIAAs Pick of the crop
Our picks from this year's National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards

What now?
Presenting a new collaboration between Cameron Robins and Michaela Gleave and the recent work of Rohan Wealleans and Mikala Dwyer

What next?
Introducing the work of Deb Mansfield, Emma Lindsay, Mark Whalen and Juli Balla

A postcard from Spinifex, one of Australia's most remote art centres

Collecting in my city: our global editors in Berlin, London, New York and Hong Kong provide a snapshot of collecting in their hometowns

Jane Llewellyn talks to Adelaide dealer Hugo Michell about supporting the next generation