Jackson Eaton: Melfies 2 - Art Collector

Caption: © Jackson Eaton Untitled from Melfies 2, 2014/2015

Originally exhibited via Instagram, the smart-phone app for sharing images, Jackson Eaton’s Melfies 2explores a deep irony of the digitally networked era. The latest digital tools and media platforms may enable our attempts at self-expression, but the streams of selfies they spew out instead reveal the opposite. Instagram makes instantly apparent, Eaton notes, “the failure to express individuality in social media”. To create Melfies 2 Eaton took his own photo anywhere he could find a mirror then he digitally dissected his body in Photoshop and reverse-image searched the parts in Google.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Wednesday 2 September 2015
Exhibition closes: 3 October 2015
Location: Stills Gallery, 36 Gosbell St Paddington NSW 2021

Contact: 02 9331 7775
Email: info@stillsgallery.com.au

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