Jane James: We Said Yes  - Art Collector

Jane James, ‘LOVE’, 2018. Synthetic polymer on linen, 137 x 107cm. Courtesy: the artist and Colville Gallery, Hobart.

Jane James is a Tasmanian artist who is also based in Brisbane. Her work is informed by travels to environments in the Asia Pacific region. While her work is largely representational, there is manipulation of visual language to overlay additional meanings. Where Rope has formed a central motif, it is used both as metaphor and visual element, in its many forms, and further to the purposes for which it is designed.

Jane James presents a body of works that celebrates the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey to spell out ‘We said yes’, in both Morse and Semaphore, and one larger piece that spells ‘LOVE’ in Semaphore. The use of the semaphore and Morse code to spell out the message of the exhibition references layers of meaning and visual symbols. From a maritime background, they are codes that are universally understood. The sticks and stones employed are a direct play on the old adage. The rope winds through the visual plane, supporting but not binding the elements.

In ‘We Said Yes’, each piece is a visual signal that forms part of a larger whole, the relationship between individual pieces assured by the continuity of rope and that we brought equality a little bit closer. 

Exhibition opens: 5.30–7.30pm Friday 31 August 2018
Exhibition closes: 18 September 2018
Location: Colville Gallery, 91 Salamanca Place, Hobart TAS
Website: colvillegallery.com.au
Phone: +61 4 1929 2626
Email: info@colvillegallery.com.au


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