Jason Sims: Beyond - Art Collector

Jason Sims, Rise and Fall, 2013 (detail). Wood, reflective glass, mirror and MDF & LED lights, 74 x 74 x 12.5cm Courtesy: the artist and Mars Gallery, Melbourne

Since 2009 Jason Sims has been producing an evolving series of light boxes that reflect space upon itself, creating the illusion of a seemingly infinite void. The initial illusion in his work prompts the viewer to wrestle with what they eyes perceive and what the mind knows, with Sims trying to evoke a desire within the viewer where the illusion conquers, at least for a moment or two, what is known to be true. This is done to reach towards something more powerful and more profound – to create without complete disorientation something magical, indefinable and unexplainable.

Exhibition opens: 6pm Thursday 7 November 2013
Exhibition closes: 8 December 2013
Location: Mars Gallery, 418 Bay Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Contact: 03 9681 8425
Email: andy@marsgallery.com.au

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